Our skills and passion will make your project a success.

Our history

Passionate about wine and master in refrigeration, the vocation of Sébastien as the founder of Z2C Réfrigération Inc., has imposed itself. Son of entrepreneur, he quickly found that he had a talent and managerial skills. At 30, he already had a good refrigeration experience and had honed his entrepreneurial skills in the past.

In 2011, he still decided to perfect his profession and returned to school to obtain a degree in his field. He combined passion and competence, and that’s when Z2C Refrigeration Inc. was born! This is just the beginning of the great adventure that unites this family business and wine lovers of Quebec.

With his keen business sense, professionalism and forward thinking in his field, he has quickly built a solid reputation in the field by ensuring the exact control of temperature, moisture and sound from the cellar or wine cellar, which contributes to a quality of life most enjoyable in a home, regardless of the location of this eye-catching and coveted room.

Our competences

Whether you are a novice or accomplished wine lover, having a wine cellar is now at your fingertips. In addition to preserving and aging your best bottles, this space will enhance the value of your home.

In collaboration with the best designers, cabinet makers etc., we work with the most competent professionals to offer you your turnkey realization, unique and tailor-made.

No matter the size of your project, let us guide you with the right refrigeration system depending on the location, your tastes and your budget. Our skills and our passion will make your project a success!


The advantages:

  • Digital temperature control
    Defrost timer
  • Anti-vibration cushion
  • Wall, floor or ceiling mount
  • No noise
  • No vibration
  • Creates its moisture naturally


The« split system » is a two-component air conditioning system. With this system, the condenser is outside the room which reduces the sound and vibrations and the evaporator is inside the wine cellar while maintaining the desired temperature and the humidity necessary for the good storage of your wine. This hybrid system, very powerful, is the quietest. It must absolutely be installed by a specialized refrigeration engineer. The air-cooled commercial condensing unit and its commercial grade components are corrosion resistant and provide long-term durability. Our complete range of evaporators includes low velocity or gravity models, for all types of applications, whether for a glass cellar or a wine cellar room.